Flashback, March 2012 Op-Ed: Senator Mike Lee: Senate has ‘confirmed more than 80 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees’

In an op-ed posted in March of last year on his official congressional homepage, Utah’s Senator Mike Lee wrote: A palpable air of hypocrisy hangs over the Senate these days. Seeking to distract attention from President Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments … Continue reading

In a Move Recalling #Occupy, Immigration Activists Hold Protest at Leading GOP Politician’s Home

Recalling the lawless activities of the Occupy Wall Street movement, this morning pro-amnesty activists staged a protest at the Washington, DC, home of Republican House Speaker John Boehner. According to lefty activist website America’s Voice: For the last few weeks, … Continue reading

‘Fix’ Already Imploding: (Democrat) Washington State Insurance Commissioner Tells President Obama No

Fox News’ Brit Hume, Speaker Boehner and former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean aren’t the only people questioning the President’s ‘fix’ for his beleaguered healthcare plan. Not so fast, Mr. President: In a surprise announcement, Washington state’s insurance commissioner broke … Continue reading

John Boehner and Howard Dean in Agreement on Presidential #Obamacare ‘Fix': Is it Legal?

On MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner”, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean broke with the party line in his commentary on the President’s proposed Obamacare fix. via The Weekly Standard: “I wonder if he has the legal authority to do … Continue reading

Industry Analyst Reveals #Obamacare Truth: Medicare Part D Website Only Fixed in ‘Year Two or Year Three’

Democrats trying to cover for the failings of the Obama White House on Obamacare like to point to the ‘bumpy’ roll-out of Medicare Part D. Sure, there are similarities. But they fail to point out similarities that are negative. In … Continue reading

Did Obama Give an ‘Incorrect Promise’ to United Nations Environmentalist Wackos, Too?

https://twitter.com/benshapiro/statuses/400711573754241025 Yesterday, I told you that Filipino envoys to the UN are pressing world governments at a Poland meet-up this week to speed up paying the ransom for their kooky global warming schemes. Now there’s news that congressional Democrats aren’t … Continue reading