“All along I thought I was givin’ you my love, but you were just stealin’ it”

Dana Loesch, the late Andrew Breitbart, Mike Flynn. Image Credit: mediaite.com

As the blogosphere grinds to a halt for the next day or so, the implications and meaning of the Dana Loesch versus Breitbart.com LLC lawsuit remain unclear. Since I don’t know what’s happening, the best I can do is this: direct you towards what others are deciphering at their own blogs, and correlate the situation with something musical.

Not quite the rattling chains borne by Marley’s (or another’s) ghost, but these lyrics from “Rattling Locks” (Josh Ritter) seemed right somehow:

Frostbite and heartsickness
Ain’t neither one of them so bad
If you can understand the reason why….

All along I thought I was givin’ you my love
But you were just stealin’ it, now I want back
Every single thing you took….

I woke up sorry I was living
Rather than rattlin’ your locks
I’d rather spend another night in hell

-Becca Lower

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