4/11: Andrew Breitbart to Hannity: Michael Eric Dyson ‘Insinuated That I Was a Racist’ on ’09 Bill Maher Show

Here’s something you might find interesting. via Daily Caller: Contributor Juan Williams on Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Channel’s “The Five” : “Unfortunately a lot of people in the so-called civil rights community are frauds, outright hucksters. Two of the … Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should Send Me to #SGS13

On August 9-10, there’s a gathering of conservatives happening in Indianapolis, IN, sponsored by Smart Girl Politics Action called Smart Girl Summit. I would very much like to go, for three reasons: 1. Proximity. That is, it doesn’t involve a … Continue reading

#Groundswell And the False Proposition of ‘Objective’ Journalism

Ben Shapiro from Breitbart News slams the hypocrites at Mother Jones with the last thing they’d expect– a reaffirmation of Andrew Breitbart’s vision: On Thursday, Mother Jones broke the massive scoop that Breitbart News participates in both journalism and conservative … Continue reading

Why We’re Losing the Narrative on Race

Are* RT @thereval: We are headed to the NAN NY vigil w/ Trayvon's mother. Jay Z and Beyonce is joining us there. — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) July 20, 2013 Why are this photo and tweet important? The photo is featured … Continue reading