AZ Gun Shop: You Can’t Have My Twinkies [IMAGE] UPDATE: Hostess Closings Cost 867 #OIHOan Jobs

Tucson, AZ, gun shop Black Weapons Armory has this image on its Facebook Wall.

BWA is a custom gun shop specializing in the Black Rifle, firearms and accessories. We cater to the tactical shooter, military, law enforcement, and all law abiding citizens who choose to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Mission Statement:
To provide the best choice of quality tactical firearms and accessories to the Law Abiding U.S. Citizen, U.S. Military, and U.S. Law Enforcement Community. To provide the Law Abiding American Citizen with the tools of freedom – Fighting Weapons; Long Guns and Hand Guns necessary to protect life, self, family, community, and country.

(Hat tip to Tom Reynolds)

As you may know, today has been dubbed National Papa John’s Appreciation Day. But the buzz remains focused squarely on the loss of a national institution– the Twinkie.


Speaking of that, Hostess’s move today will cost 867 Ohioans their jobs:

The liquidation of the brand, which the company blamed on worker striking, will shutter three Ohio bakeries, in Defiance, Northwood and Cincinnati, in addition to five bakery outlets around the state, with two in Central Ohio.

The Northwood plant, just outside of Toledo, was one of 11 Hostess facilities nationwide to have workers strike.

Read the rest– then hurry out to the store to stock up.

From a Seattle tv station:

Want to make your own Twinkies at home? Here’s how.

(hat-tip Rick Bulow)

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