Breaking– SCOTUS Declines to Stop Early Voting in OH

I wish this were a nightmare:

Without noted dissent, the Supreme Court at midday Tuesday turned aside a plea by state officials in Ohio to allow them to close down voting opportunities on the final three days before election day on November 6. The ruling was a significant victory for President Obama and for Democrats, especially since they claimed that the shuttering of voting offices on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before election day would be likely to affect low income and minority voters — many of whom may be expected to vote Democratic.

The Court acted in a one-sentence order that contained no explanation. The action, though, left intact a lower court order that required voting officials in the crucial electoral state to open the polls on that final weekend to all voters, if they open them to any voters. Ohio officials wanted to allow voting then only by members of the military and their families, on the theory that they might be called away suddenly on military duty.

Read the whole, sad tale.

Pat Dollard also caught the story.


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