This is What Happens When You Attend CPAC 2015, in Pictorial Form (Part I)

I’ve seen many posts about bloggers’ CPAC experiences, with photo after photo. Now, it’s my turn. This is the first of two (or three) posts. Let me know what you think! Even MSNBC and other mainstream media showed up to … Continue reading

‘House of Cards’ Majority Whip Kevin Spacey MTed Both Dem & GOP House Whips… And Actually Got a Reply!

The folks at Netflix-only drama series House of Cards went all out on social media in the weeks leading up to the show’s second season premiere tonight. Star Kevin Spacey, who plays conniving Democratic House Majority Whip Francis Underwood, got … Continue reading

Under Political Pressure, Scarlett Johansson Steps Down From Oxfam Ambassador Role

I first read about the pressure being placed on liberal (and Obama supporter) Scarlett Johansson in Donald Douglas’s great post at American Power Blog. Today, there’s an update (emphasis mine): Scarlett Johansson officially stepped down from her position as global … Continue reading

In a Move Recalling #Occupy, Immigration Activists Hold Protest at Leading GOP Politician’s Home

Recalling the lawless activities of the Occupy Wall Street movement, this morning pro-amnesty activists staged a protest at the Washington, DC, home of Republican House Speaker John Boehner. According to lefty activist website America’s Voice: For the last few weeks, … Continue reading