Video: So, Obama Wants You to Enjoy an ‘Enhanced’ Version of the #SOTU Address….

Check out White House Chief of Staff/pitchman Denis McDonough. But wait, there’s more! “Throughout the week, administration officials will continue to take your questions on key issue areas addressed in the President’s remarks.” Sounds like any other outreach video by … Continue reading

Politico: Source: Administration ‘Encouraging Anyone to Consider Catastrophic Plans Might Look Hypocritical’

Obama Administration Makes Another Arbitrary Change To Obamacare — Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) December 20, 2013 #Breaking: WH in panic.Will now offer catastrophic insurance in #obamacare ! This comes AFTER they charged such plans were insufficient. #p2 — BOB (@PIRATE1775) … Continue reading

Conservative Commentator Calls Out Media Bias: WaPo’s Dana @Milbank ‘Won’t Be Reprimanded’ [Audio]

On an Indianapolis radio program last night, syndicated columnist and commentator David Limbaugh slammed the liberal media for their hypocrisy, in a rant covering not only President Obama’s speech on income redistribution yesterday and the Obamacare debacle, but the president’s … Continue reading

‘Fix’ Already Imploding: (Democrat) Washington State Insurance Commissioner Tells President Obama No

Fox News’ Brit Hume, Speaker Boehner and former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean aren’t the only people questioning the President’s ‘fix’ for his beleaguered healthcare plan. Not so fast, Mr. President: In a surprise announcement, Washington state’s insurance commissioner broke … Continue reading

John Boehner and Howard Dean in Agreement on Presidential #Obamacare ‘Fix': Is it Legal?

On MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner”, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean broke with the party line in his commentary on the President’s proposed Obamacare fix. via The Weekly Standard: “I wonder if he has the legal authority to do … Continue reading

Industry Analyst Reveals #Obamacare Truth: Medicare Part D Website Only Fixed in ‘Year Two or Year Three’

Democrats trying to cover for the failings of the Obama White House on Obamacare like to point to the ‘bumpy’ roll-out of Medicare Part D. Sure, there are similarities. But they fail to point out similarities that are negative. In … Continue reading

Did Obama Give an ‘Incorrect Promise’ to United Nations Environmentalist Wackos, Too? Yesterday, I told you that Filipino envoys to the UN are pressing world governments at a Poland meet-up this week to speed up paying the ransom for their kooky global warming schemes. Now there’s news that congressional Democrats aren’t … Continue reading

McCain and Graham– Despite Calls For Caution– Carry Obama’s Water on #Syria

Two GOP senators standing in front of the WH selling Pres. Obama's ill-conceived war plans? #smh #syria — Becca Lower (@BeccaJLower) September 2, 2013 That was Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham today, everybody. “We have to make it clear … Continue reading