Deep Oblivion

David Lowery

Camper Van Beethoven’s David Lowery

Tonight’s convinced me to start paying attention to music again. It’s been years since I sought out new music. While looking around online at something unrelated, I happened to trip across some music: first at Pitchfork, then Stereogum. It’s easy enough to jump from reviews to new releases to previews at those kinds of places.

One of the new songs I heard was by 80s college radio mainstays, Camper Van Beethoven, whose singer David Lowery has the quintessential California rock singer voice. Stereogum’s reviewer calls it laconic, which is just about right. Younger people might know Lowery better as the singer for the band Cracker, with 90s hits like this and this (or even this). When I think of him, it’s always this single, CVB’s cover of Status Quo‘s “Pictures of Matchstick Men.” It came out at a time when you still associated an MTV video with a band’s new song. If you’re old like me, it’s likely you’ll recognize this song. too. You may also know this or this one.

After listening to the new Camper tune, I followed the suggestions for related content and found the gem below, “Deep Oblivion”, from a recent, solo Lowery project (which is new to me). The song instantly reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock: so dreamlike and languorous that it’s just about to fall apart, with surreal lyrics. Watch for something special towards the end of the video, too: you’ll get a sort of shock, because who expects to see real emotion in a music video? It really is something.


Extra-Appropriate for Today– Gun Appreciation Day

David Lowery- Raise ‘Em Up On Honey

EDIT: This opinion piece about Lowery and digital music from last summer covers some of his recent activities in and out of music. Though it’s somewhat critical of him, it’s worth the read.

EDIT: Here’s the entire streaming Camper Van Beethoven record, ‘La Costa Perdida’, and the accompanying interview (by veteran music journalist David Menconi) gives you Lowery’s side of the story.

-Becca Lower

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