@JakeTapper Has a Tumblr… and it’s Actually Good

Former ABC White House correspondent and new CNN anchor Jake Tapper has a Tumblr now.

Okay, so I’ve been critical of Tapper in the past. But you have to give credit where credit is due. The blogs so far have been darn good!

Here’s a great story from yesterday’s entry commemorating the passing of veteran political reporter, Richard Ben Cramer:

Before he [Cramer] wrote What It Takes, which details six candidates in the 1988 presidential race — Bush Sr., Dole, Dukakis, Gephardt, Biden and Hart, names I recall from memory from his vivid descriptions in the book I read nearly 20 years ago — he penned a definitive piece for Esquire about baseball legend Ted Williams.

Writing for the Washington Post in 1992, David Streitfeld recalled:

“Several years back he did a profile for Esquire on baseball legend Ted Williams. It was the definitive piece, the first big interview in eons, obsessively researched and written. It was also 15,000 words, which is itself a fair distance to the length of a book.

“Esquire, however, had allotted space for only 13,000 words, and was standing firm. There was no room to print more. But as writers often do, Cramer felt that not one word was expendable.

“So here’s what he did: Went to the magazine at 7 o’clock one night when he knew the editor wouldn’t be there. Told the copy editing department he had been given permission to restore the deleted material. Told the art department that a decision had been made to shrink the size of the type. Went to the production department and made sure the finished pages were immediately shipped off to the printer.

“The next day Cramer sent roses to the three departments, thanking them all for grace under pressure. There’s now reportedly a notice in the Esquire art department forbidding the presence of writers.”

(Cramer said the story, put forward by those promoting his book, was a tad exaggerated. He noted that what particularly ticked off Esquire was that he included the roses in his expenses.)

Read the whole thing.

The subtitle that Tapper gives his blog?

Sporadic and meaningless thoughts from Jake Tapper

Not quite, Jake.


Another good reason not to be unfriendly: maybe we’ll run into each other at CPAC…

-Becca Lower

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