@JakeTapper: Professional Twitter Troll

Jake Tapper, ABC News

At the urging of fomentor and community agitator Karl Ushanka, I’m outing Jake Tapper of ABC News.

He’s a professional Twitter troll.

Seconds later, this showed up in my timeline:

At the time, I was distracted– listening to an emotional episode of the Tony Katz show.
Watch as Tapper tries, repeatedly, to change the subject.

At some point, he also asked me which article I meant.

According to a friend, this isn’t unusual social media behavior from Tapper. And what surprised me wasn’t that he replied, it was that he’s so thin-skinned.

Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong. How often does a genuine member of the legacy media– like @JakeTapper– deign to speak to rabble like you and me?

You just don’t get this kind of contact from Anderson Cooper.

–Becca Lower


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