Jesse Jackson’s Gun Rhetoric Hypocrisy

Jesse Jackson once again proves that he thinks we’re idiots.

Rev. Jesse Jackson appeared on CNN on Friday where he was pressed to defend Chicago’s strict gun control laws following the city’s 500th homicide, 87.5 percent of which are gun-related, this year. Jackson said that Chicago, unlike Newtown, has no gun culture – Newtown, Connecticut, having several gun ranges whereas Chicago has none. He also said that the pressing issues of poverty, unemployment and the lack of a sense of mobility in America’s urban centers are the root causes of gun violence.

Jackson was asked to defend Chicago’s gun ban, given the staggering rates of gun violence in America’s cities compared to other areas that do not have such strict gun laws and experience less gun violence.

“I think about Newtown, for example, they have three or four gun ranges. There are no gun ranges in Chicago,” Jackson replied. “Newtown is so different than the complexity of the urban crisis.”

More of his nonsense and video at the link.

Really? Does Rev. Jackson truly believe that the number of gun ranges in a given area has anything to do with the gun violence there? Of course he doesn’t. And it’s not all that important in Chicago, you know, since Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s kids are covered. They go to a school with an armed, on-duty police officer.

University of Chicago Police public information personnel informed Breitbart News that there is at least one armed officer on duty a [sic] the school everyday and has been for “several years.”

Emanuel released a statement responding to NRA spokesman Wayne La Pierre, which read in part:

It’s outrageous and unsettling that the NRA would choose to address gun violence not by taking assault weapons off our streets, but by adding more guns to our schools… That is not the right answer for our society, our schools and most importantly our children.

(Hat tip Blue Collar Philosophy)

Super-duper happy dance-type kudos to Jackie Wellfonder for her linkage! You rock, lady.


Jesse Jackson’s Gun Rhetoric Hypocrisy — 8 Comments

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  2. Thank you! Not only did you link me, but Stacy and The Lonely Conservative did, too, on a different blog. It’s been a grand slam of a day, I tell you! :)

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  4. If Jesse is calling legally acquired gun owners terrorists,what does he call his own black race who have more illegal guns than any other racial group, and have the highest gun crime and murder rate of all people’s.They are the only people to turn a jungle into a slum; look what they are doing to the USA. In light of the incompetence and criminality of these people, they have made one their President??? It is fiitting that America collapses into oblivion with a black man at the helm.

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