Kelley Reportedly Tried To Peddle S. Korean Influence UPDATE: And Partied With Charity Cash


Not only was Jill Kelley attracted to powerful men, but also to the idea that she had influence to peddle.

In late August, the Republican National Convention in Tampa served as the backdrop to a bizarre business meeting that showed how Kelley used her military connections to open doors off the base as well as on.

Adam Victor, president of TransGas Development in New York, was in town to network and find business opportunities. Someone introduced him to Kelley, and the two spoke in a VIP section of the convention hall.

Victor said Kelley described herself as a close friend to Petraeus, which impressed him. In fact, he said, Kelley told him she might help him with a coal gasification project in South Korea. She said she could gain him access to the highest levels of the South Korean government, Victor said.

Kelley told him she was an honorary consul for South Korea, and Victor said she told him she had obtained the position with the help of Petraeus.

Kelley and Victor later met in New York. Kelley mentioned her fee if any deal was brokered — $80 million. The fee was so unrealistic and excessive, Victor said, he immediately realized he was dealing with an amateur. He rejected it out of hand. He said Kelley then asked for a counter proposal. But Victor wasn’t biting.

“It’s stupidity,” said Victor, who nonetheless said he liked Kelley. “It’s inexperience. I got annoyed because it was clear that I had wasted my time and money.”

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How could well-respected, supposedly politically-savvy U.S. officials get caught up with these type of women (both Kelley and her twin sister)? You also have to start to believe that it’s not a question of whether the Obama administration had a competency problem, or was just trying to keep something on the down-low. Maybe it’s both.

EDIT.1: Swing over to Jackie Wellfonder to hear about even more duplicity, this time involving Kelley running a charity. Her family appears to have been the primary beneficiary.



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