Occupy, The Tea Party and Moral Equivalence


Lee Stranahan

If you only listen to one podcast this week, it should be this one. And honestly, you only need to hear the last part of it (but the brisk 45-minute show is worth hearing in its entirety).

Starting at 28:29, Lee Stranahan and a caller discuss this question: Isn’t the logistics of a lot of young people staying in one place, like Occupy events did, what led to the rapes that happened there? And wouldn’t the same thing happen if Tea party members held similar events? The caller (who didn’t give a name) said that he’d attended many events from both groups, and questioned why one group of people could be seen as morally superior to the other.

Does Stranahan’s answer satisfy the caller? Listen and decide for yourself. Either way, it’s a compelling dialogue.

Background materials on the Steubenville rape case story, which Stranahan has been following on the ground, can be found at his blog. The latest entry hints at an upcoming revelation about KYAnonymous.

-Becca Lower

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