Seeking Supplication For @BobBelvedere’s Bunni Buddy

An urgent and important missive:

I have been very fortunate since I got into this whole blogging thing to have made many Friends In The Ether, but I only have one Bunni Buddy — the Chicago gal who goes by the name Amusing Bunni.

Out of all of the great ladies I’ve encountered in The Ether, she’s the sweetest person and most gentle soul I’ve met.

When you need a smile, when things are getting you down, you can always head over to Bunni’s blog for some easing of your worried mind.

Now, it’s Bunni whose mind needs easing…

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: Bunni has inoperable, terminal liver cancer that has metastasized and has been given but a few more months to live.

Read it all, and do what you can (remember that prayers are welcomed, too).


Seeking Supplication For @BobBelvedere’s Bunni Buddy — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you “boom” for posting this about me. That is very nice of you, and I really appreciate it. Bob is a great friend, and all the bloggers who are writing about my plight are saints on earth. I welcome all the prayers, God is good and he will hear them, and Bless you too. Blessings, Bunni

  2. Thank you for helping my friend Bunni, Becca! I have a post at my place about Bunni, which has an honor roll for people who are giving Bunni a public show us support; I have added Lower the Boom to the Roll Call list.

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