Sen. Mike Lee Nails It

Tea Party conservative Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) just used the power of social media to communicate with the American people:

Well, it’s interesting. We’re guardedly optimistic that something might happen. But what we have to keep in mind, Shannon– even assuming that a deal happens at this point– in the next 36 hours or so, we will be leaving intact ninety-nine percent of a dysfunctional system, ninety-nine percent of a tax code that’s unstable, that produces an inconsistent revenue stream and that’s gotten us sixteen trillion dollars in debt. And it’s been producing trillion dollar annual deficits. We will not be out of the woods, by any means, if we get a deal. It might forestall some problems, but a lot of problems remain.

Watch the whole thing.

23 hours ago:

Where is John Boehner?

-Becca Lower

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