Weekly Arts Roundup- 03/13/14

The stories: Veteran Artist Program Kicks off ‘Operation Artists in Action’ CD Brian (BR) McDonald, a musician, veteran and founder of The Veteran Artist Program, has also written on the subject of veterans and the arts (emphasis mine): The truth … Continue reading

Weekend Arts Capsule

Yep, that’s a 17-year-old Prince. See the “Robert Whitman Photographs PRINCE” at Mr Musichead story below. The stories: The Independent UK: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2 role to be completed using CGI Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s filming … Continue reading

New Lowering the Boom Feature: Weekly Arts Roundup

At least once a week, I’m going to start sharing stories that intrigue me from the arts world. So much of what forms our way of thinking and our lives comes from the music that we listen to, the movies … Continue reading

New British Sit-Com About… Assisted Suicide?

Add this to the gruesome concept of Planned Parenthood holding a “Black Friday” sale: via WND: The BBC, which has advocated legalization of assisted suicide and last year televised a controversial documentary on the subject, is taking the issue to … Continue reading

“Our culture is the most important front….”: #Breitbart inspires free, artist newsletter UPDATE: Free E-book!

November 15 marked the debut of Lee Stranahan‘s free “New Newsletter For Right Arts, Artists & Audiences”. I happened to see this tweet: Can five people who are interested conservatism, art & artistry to subscribe to my free newsletter right … Continue reading