Infighting Can Be Fun– Meanwhile We’re Losing the #War

In September and early October, a friend of mine took a trip overseas. Around the same time, he left a job he’d held for about three years. Along with a few other people in his field, he’s also being sued … Continue reading

Tonight ‘Lowering the Boom’ Tries an Experiment– Radio

Here’s the question confronting me: how to translate what I’ve been doing here since last August to the airwaves. How to make “Lowering the Boom” a decidedly different radio show without veering into the obscure or bizarre. I know what … Continue reading

Report: Jewish Organizations “Given Extra-Special Attention” By IRS Non-Profit Division

I wrote extensively about the IRS and conservative non-profit groups yesterday. Now there’s this disturbing update. Kevin Williamson of National Review Online reports this from the Jewish Press: Along with targeting tea-party groups, the IRS may also have given extra-special … Continue reading