In a Move Recalling #Occupy, Immigration Activists Hold Protest at Leading GOP Politician’s Home

Recalling the lawless activities of the Occupy Wall Street movement, this morning pro-amnesty activists staged a protest at the Washington, DC, home of Republican House Speaker John Boehner. According to lefty activist website America’s Voice: For the last few weeks, … Continue reading

John Boehner and Howard Dean in Agreement on Presidential #Obamacare ‘Fix': Is it Legal?

On MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner”, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean broke with the party line in his commentary on the President’s proposed Obamacare fix. via The Weekly Standard: “I wonder if he has the legal authority to do … Continue reading

Medical Device Tax Exposes CR Rift Between Reid, Democrats

As much as some in the mainstream media would like to portray the Continuing Resolution fight as showing a divide between Tea party and establishment legislators within the GOP, there’s a compelling argument that they’re looking at the wrong party. … Continue reading

‘Defeat Boehner’ Meeting Tomorrow– in John Boehner’s District

Alan McIntyre, a Cincinnati-based Tea party conservative whom I know from my previous work as a Santorum grassroots volunteer (and a Herman Cain supporter, before that), wrote this on Facebook: I would like to extend the invitation to all freedom … Continue reading

If Boehner Thinks He Has Trouble With House Conservatives…

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart News has been doggedly covering the ongoing immigration battles in Washington, D.C. Previously a writer with the Daily Caller, his reporting has acted as an amplifier for conservative voices in the House of Representatives frustrated by … Continue reading

Did you catch Ron Meyer Jr. on Gang of 405?

Hear the newest “Gang of 405″” radio show: A 20-minute interview with American Majority Action spokesman Ron Meyer Jr., talking his #FireBoehner hashtag and this Robert Costa NRO piece about him. WITH Host John Grant, Loudmouth Elephant blog’s Mike Ohanian, … Continue reading