#Groundswell And the False Proposition of ‘Objective’ Journalism

Ben Shapiro from Breitbart News slams the hypocrites at Mother Jones with the last thing they’d expect– a reaffirmation of Andrew Breitbart’s vision: On Thursday, Mother Jones broke the massive scoop that Breitbart News participates in both journalism and conservative … Continue reading

“I’ll Be Reporting on All of You Scammers Tomorrow….”

One of the more bizarre interactions I’ve ever had online happened tonight. It stemmed from my earlier blog post. @beccajlower She’s a scammer. Shame on you. boston.com/news/nation/20… — CryingWolfeBlog (@CryingWolfeBlog) January 6, 2013 “@beccajlower: Here’s a real national emergency… #justablogger … Continue reading

Moonbats And the Media

OMG! #MSNBC @joenbc covering @scrowder story! I’m shocked, genuinely shocked. — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) December 12, 2012 When blogger extraordinaire Robert Stacy McCain says he “watches MSNBC so that you don’t have to”, that’s not just idle talk. He … Continue reading