Flashback, March 2012 Op-Ed: Senator Mike Lee: Senate has ‘confirmed more than 80 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees’

In an op-ed posted in March of last year on his official congressional homepage, Utah’s Senator Mike Lee wrote: A palpable air of hypocrisy hangs over the Senate these days. Seeking to distract attention from President Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments … Continue reading

Medical Device Tax Exposes CR Rift Between Reid, Democrats

As much as some in the mainstream media would like to portray the Continuing Resolution fight as showing a divide between Tea party and establishment legislators within the GOP, there’s a compelling argument that they’re looking at the wrong party. … Continue reading

From the Ground in SC: Who’s Going to Replace DeMint?

I spoke on the phone with a conservative South Carolinian tonight. According to this source, the top names (at the moment) to replace retiring senator Jim DeMint are: Congressmen Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy and Jeff Duncan. Naturally, a Scott pick … Continue reading