Politico: Source: Administration ‘Encouraging Anyone to Consider Catastrophic Plans Might Look Hypocritical’

Obama Administration Makes Another Arbitrary Change To Obamacare http://t.co/PqAOkR4uVH — Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) December 20, 2013 #Breaking: WH in panic.Will now offer catastrophic insurance in #obamacare ! This comes AFTER they charged such plans were insufficient. #p2 — BOB (@PIRATE1775) … Continue reading

Industry Analyst Reveals #Obamacare Truth: Medicare Part D Website Only Fixed in ‘Year Two or Year Three’

Democrats trying to cover for the failings of the Obama White House on Obamacare like to point to the ‘bumpy’ roll-out of Medicare Part D. Sure, there are similarities. But they fail to point out similarities that are negative. In … Continue reading

Infighting Can Be Fun– Meanwhile We’re Losing the #War

In September and early October, a friend of mine took a trip overseas. Around the same time, he left a job he’d held for about three years. Along with a few other people in his field, he’s also being sued … Continue reading

McCain and Graham– Despite Calls For Caution– Carry Obama’s Water on #Syria

Two GOP senators standing in front of the WH selling Pres. Obama's ill-conceived war plans? #smh #syria — Becca Lower (@BeccaJLower) September 2, 2013 That was Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham today, everybody. “We have to make it clear … Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs on to Progressive Virtual Immigration March on Washington?

  https://twitter.com/MarchForInnov/status/335398235751452674 Oh, boy! Celebrity and former California GOP governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is for innovation and action and– https://twitter.com/OFA_CA/status/336611089510957056 Oh, hmmm…. https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/336595406777630720 The links take you to a countdown splash page, then the homepage (not linking to it) states: Join … Continue reading

Former Clinton White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis: ‘Ruemmler should resign’

I hate to say something nice about Lanny Davis.  But credit where credit is due, in light of this revelation on the IRS scandal from White House spokes-mouthpiece Jay Carney today: Carney said it was the White House counsel Kathryn … Continue reading

WH Finally Puts Out Statement Memorializing #Thatcher

GWBush: “Prime Minister Thatcher is a great example of strength and character.” Still nothing from Obama 9:24 a.m. — toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) April 8, 2013 RT “@toddstarnes: Boehner: “The greatest peacetime prime minister in British history is dead.” 9:48 – still … Continue reading