“The Onion is probably more accurate than Tom Friedman”

NYT writer Thomas Friedman. (Photo credit: treehugger.com)

Oh, how I wish I could leave that quote as is. Deliciously out of context. But that’s what the Left does.

No, a real journalist puts things in context.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Wednesday jokingly brushed off the idea that he could be the next secretary of State.

Duncan, during a speech at the Foundation for Excellence in Education in Washington, responded to a column by The New York Times‘s Tom Friedman, which said that Duncan is the ideal choice to replace Hillary Clinton at the State Department. Duncan said he’s more likely to become a stripper.

“Last week, The Onion said I was going to become a male stripper,” Duncan said according to Univision. “The Onion is probably more accurate than Tom Friedman.”

–Becca Lower


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