@AoSHQ: BREAKING– U.S. Embassy Evacuated, #MSM: Huh?

Ace of Spades HQ seems to be the only place talking about this (I checked at Instapundit, too):

Breaking: US evacuates embassy in Central African Republic [Purp]

Really, all of the info you need is there. So go there.

Probably no surprise that this isn’t being covered in the MSM. But today is breathless, wall to wall Fiscal Cliff News day. Note the exclamation point:

Linked by The Lonely Conservative — thank you!

-Becca Lower


@AoSHQ: BREAKING– U.S. Embassy Evacuated, #MSM: Huh? — 8 Comments

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  2. I don’t understand how you draw your conclusion. Ace isn’t doing the reporting on this — the MSM is. Ace is just linking to their stories, including the New York Times’ story on the U.S. embassy suspending operations.

      • And I should point out, that since what you read on AoSHQ came from the NYT, you actually ARE getting your news from the Times — just second-hand. Without newspapers, people would have almost no idea what’s going on in the world. Remember, 99.99% of bloggers don’t actually gather any information on their own — they just copy/rehash/link what real reporters have found out and published.

        • Bloggers are real reporters. They’re called citizen journalists. You can’t just make a blanket statement like that here and expect to get away with it.

        • I wouldn’t generalize all bloggers as “copy/rehash/link” because some of us are in the business of commenting on the issues of the day. Becca wasn’t trying to give all the details of what’s going on in the Central African Republic (by one standard, the world’s worst economy) but instead was making the point that it’s yet another foreign policy story being ignored. Americans don’t bug out of embassies every day, and in the wake of the Chris Stevens murder Africa is kind of a sore spot in the world.

          Meanwhile, those who are supposed to report on the news tend to give us just one side of the story, leaving people like us to fill in the blanks. People once thought everything was hunky dory in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and a dozen other hot spots around the world, too.

          Yet this country may be important enough to send troops to in the near future or otherwise risk American blood and treasure.

          • Thank you for saying that, Michael. The commenter wrote another lengthy comment, which I didn’t display, so he may decide to troll elsewhere from now on.

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