#BillSchmalfeldt’s Definition of ‘Truth’


When the Left’s attempts to silence dissent are exposed, the thugs who fail in their efforts inevitably claim victimhood: They are being “harassed.”….
They have done nothing wrong, they believe, because they are liberals and anything they do is acceptable, because . . . shut up!

Those words were meant in a different context on The Other McCain, but they’re no less true in this one. Over the past 24 hours, notorious Twitter troll and (possible) Brett Kimberlin employee Bill Schmalfeldt has resumed his disgusting attacks on the wife of conservative journalist Lee Stranahan about the loss of their daughter. And he admits that he doesn’t care who he hurts.

A little background:

You might also know the sad story of how Mrs. Stranahan last year was expecting twins. Unfortunately one of the children died, leaving this family with the emotional whiplash of welcoming a new life while mourning the one they just lost. I literally cannot imagine how that feels.

And yesterday, LG [Schmalfeldt] decided to attack him for it. This is the action of a man who not only lacks ordinary human compassion, but doesn’t even understand the concept well enough to fake it. So to document it for posterity, here are the tweets in question.

Follow the link, and read all of the venom he spewed then. That was eight months ago. Eight. And here are selected excerpts from Thursday and Friday:



UPDATE: Welcome, The Other McCain readers!

UPDATE: Grateful for the Reach-Around– Thanks, TOM! And thanks for the linkage, Daley Gator!



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