Bob Woodward to ‘College Journalist': “My First Thought Every Day is, ‘What Are the Bastards Hiding?'”

After seeing a series of tweets from Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert mocking Bob Woodward, I happened to see this one:

It led me to a story on Woodward that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Stephen Dethrage is a journalism student at the University of Alabama, and he got a chance to meet the veteran journalist last Friday. Dethrage started blogging the same day. In this excerpt, he lists the sources of his blog’s inspiration:

The second source, an idol of mine for years, I met only hours ago. Bob Woodward, half of the journalist duo that eventually exposed the Watergate scandal, visited the University today, and I had the opportunity to speak with him twice. In the first, Woodward sat down with nine senior members of the staff of the Crimson White, the student newspaper that’s employed me for the last three years. We didn’t have long to talk, but Woodward took the time to ask each of us our role at the newspaper before he said anything himself, nodding and smiling as we answered. This man, the winner of multiple Pulitzer Prizes, invested time and interest in us, and remembered who we were later in the day, after his speech. That alone was enough to make our days, to see us respect even more a man who was already a hero to us. When he did start talking, he said to keep at it, to write every day, just like Neil [Gaiman] had. Woodward said that journalists were to be envied, that we had the greatest job on the planet, even if the pay is shit. Journalists, he said, have the rare opportunity to be a part of their readers’ lives every day, to shape what people thought about and talked about that day, to capture their interest, even if only for a few minutes at breakfast. He then said if you found that you were no longer interesting people, to stop what you were doing and start writing something else. He didn’t have much time for boring or meaningless journalism. I hope the articles I write do that, that they genuinely interest people for a few minutes. I have the same hope for this thing, even though Woodward almost certainly cringes every time he hears a word like blog. I don’t care much if you’re a friend or a co-worker, my family or a complete stranger. I just hope to keep you interested….

Woodward’s latest story, in which he calls out President Obama for spinning a crisis he helped created as the fault of the Republicans in Congress. Woodward, I think, leans to the left, but he is unafraid to call out the President of the United States when he’s lied to. As someone who is lied to on a fairly regular basis, I respect the hell out of him for that. It’s also a decent primer of the issue ofthe sequester with plenty of embedded links for more reading, so if you’ve found yourself unable to talk intelligently about that, it’s a great find.

Read the rest.

Update: via

Bob Woodward has revealed that a “senior” White House official warned he would “regret challenging them” with a story about the origin of sequester. Given how Woodward earned his stripes as a reporter, the White House must have felt the issue was very important indeed.

Please read the whole thing. And here’s the CNN interview referenced in the article.

UPDATE: Thanks for the linkage. Welcome, The Other McCain readers!

UPDATE.2: Thank you for your link love, Jackie! Can’t wait to meet you at #CPAC2013…

-Becca Lower


Bob Woodward to ‘College Journalist': “My First Thought Every Day is, ‘What Are the Bastards Hiding?'” — 2 Comments

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