Conservative Throwdown?


Jonah Goldberg
(Image Credit: Benjamin Wheelock/Salon)

via The Other McCain:

My decision yesterday to kick Jonah Goldberg in the knee promises to yield enormous dividends both ways. Goldberg has denounced my criticisms as “preening b.s.,” and he’s vowed to fire back at length later today, so I look forward to a (no doubt well-deserved) ass-chewing.

Read the rest, and wait for the cue to start chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

A few of the exchanges in the comments for the Goldberg piece that precipitates all of this made me think of a year ago. Oh, what a far-off time that seems now!

I also caught this on Twitter:

Perhaps not so quick.


In 2010, Jonah Goldberg called something that R. Stacy McCain wrote “lame, strategic b.s.”. Now it’s “preening b.s.”. Okay.

-Becca Lower



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