Did someone say “Boobs”?

Adrianne Curry adrian1

 You’ll want to visit the Form Chaos link for more pictures of Ms. Curry.

Fun fact: Adrianne used to be married to Christopher Knight, who portrayed Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. They divorced in 2012.

Okay, this isn’t your regulation Rule 5 photo, per se, but there is a video that mentions “boobs”. It’s a gracious endorsement by panelist Goldwater Gal (citizen-journalist and FTR Radio personality Liz Harrison), for Own the Narrative.com’s game show, #MatchCon, which returns from hiatus this Saturday, 10pm ET, www.ownthenarrative.com/live

In addition to Liz, the impressive panel includes Fingers Malloy of FTR Radio‘s The Snark Factor, conservative musician Gary Eaton (The Army You Have), investigative journalist Liberty Chick and others!

Oh yeah, it was the guy who writes this who said “boobs.” And he‘s on the panel, too! So…

Tune in!

Thanks for the link love, Bob! And thanks so much, Wombat at Rule 5 Central Command (at The Other McCain)! Daley Gator gave some linkage, too. TY!

-Becca Lower


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