Did You Know That Egyptian Protesters Set Fire to Muslim Brotherhood Offices?

So I watched some parts of Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press this morning (again missing church after staying up late (partly) because this and this were happening).

Surprisingly, neither show mentioned protesters’ attempts yesterday in several Egyptian cities to set fire to Muslim Brotherhood offices after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s steps toward depotism. Headlines like “Egyptians set fire to Muslim Brotherhood offices” tend to catch your eye, and you would hope that a national reporter– not “just a blogger” like me– might think to ask questions.

A few hardcore activists hurling rocks also clashed with riot police in the streets near Tahrir Square, and other protesters reportedly targeted the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood, with which Morsi is affiliated, in several towns:

Update: Opponents of Egypt’s President Morsi set fire to offices of his Muslim Brotherhood party in several Egyptian cities – @AP

Following an emergency meeting on Saturday, Egypt’s highest body of judges condemned Morsi’s edict, calling the move an “unprecedented assault” on the judiciary, the Associated Press reported. The country’s primary court in Alexandria and the judges’ club announced they and public prosecutors have suspended all work until Morsi’s decree is withdrawn.

One of the most controversial edicts states that the president has the right to take any steps to prevent “threats to the revolution,” wording that activists say is vague and harkens back to the type of language employed by Mubarak to clamp down on dissent.

Read the rest.

Oh, and all the way at the bottom of the article is this:

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for a mass demonstration in Cairo on Tuesday to show support for Morsi.

You know, because the masses love him so much.

 EDIT.1: Breaking update at Jihad WatchOne dead, sixty wounded as anti-Morsi protestors try to storm Muslim Brotherhood offices

(Hat tip R. Stacy McCain)

–Becca Lower


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