Dipping a Toe into the Rule 5 Waters

birth_of_venus_botticelliThe sources for my first-ever Rule 5 entry are slightly unorthodox.

At least I think so.
Awesome: Watch a hot girl shoot semi-automatic rifles and pistols on Hannity

via Right Scoop

Is Jennifer Aniston’s Bikini Too Small? (Celebrity Toob)

via Townhall (in their More from our partners section)



Many thanks for the encouragement and linkagery from The Camp of the Saints! You rock, Bob.

-Becca Lower



Dipping a Toe into the Rule 5 Waters — 4 Comments

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  3. See, this is why I love you, we’re so in sync! Love your Rule 5 post!! This would be exactly how I’d do it, I just haven’t taken the time yet. That Jessie was simply amazing on Hannity!! And Jen Aniston has always been one of my faves, just completely love her :)

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