“Entire [Jesse] Jackson Family” Selling Out Black Chicagoans: Black Activist

Rebel Pundit:

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.’s wife Sandi, a Chicago alderman, was called a traitor to the community by local grassroots activist Mack Glover. Glover’s accusation came during a December meeting about the housing and foreclosure problems in the black communities of Chicago’s south and west sides. His comments were directed at Jackson’s facilitation of the largest “planned urban development” (PUD) in the country.

Glover accused Sandi Jackson of being a sellout for helping the project move forward and thereby giving a “white developer $100 million” to build a project in the black community, where Glover and other grassroots activists at the meeting say “black people will not be getting any jobs.” Glover’s comments blasting Sandi Jackson received applause from the entire room of nearly 200 black Chicagoans….

Paul McKinley, another grassroots activist and potential Republican candidate to replace Jesse Jackson Jr., in congress, agreed. According to McKinley, the project is an example of how “the liberal agenda and machine politics in Chicago” are not working for the black community.

Later in the piece are accusations that money changed hands to make this happen, in the form of donations to Jackson family political figures (including the now-ailing Jesse Jackson Jr.)

Read the whole thing.

R. Stacy McCain writes about Chicago hoodlums today, too. Perhaps they’re of a different sort, though.

-Becca Lower

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