“Everybody Send A #Weiner Photo” Day!

weiner dog in bun

People might say a lot of things about Aaron Walker, but they cannot say that he is a man without ideas.

As you may have read
, Anthony Weiner recently returned to Twitter. His new handle, @AnthonyWeiner, appears to be in anticipation of a New York City mayoral run. He finally followed someone today, too.

Next Friday, May 3rd, I think it would be a friendly gesture to the former New York congressman if the denizens of Twitter take the gentleman from Virginia’s advice. Let’s send some welcoming tweets to @AnthonyWeiner… in the form of weiner photos. Any graphical representation of an object with an oblong, compact shape. Now, as Aaron stipulates above, we’re not talking about anything adult in nature here– think G-rated: dachshunds, ballpark franks, certain types of fruit… you get the idea.

Expect further details on Friday’s event in the coming days…

Besides, Congressman Weiner’s already way ahead of us here.


Thanks for the linkage, Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints! AND Daleygator gives a couple of nods!


“Everybody Send A #Weiner Photo” Day! — 6 Comments

  1. Really? There is not enough real life to keep the conservatives happy? How stupid do you think YOU will look with this little stunt? Juvenile is not what the country is looking for from conservatives!

    • But juvenile is what we’ve had for the last five years from the current administration. Us conservatives are just showing we have a sense of humor, something sorely lacking on the left.

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