Heather Chase, to @Stranahan: “People don’t need to be confused by the politics”

A sound head, an honest heart, and an humble spirit are the three best guides through time and to eternity – Sir Walter Scott

Transcript Excerpts from Lee Stranahan’s conversation on Monday with Heather Chase:

Monday, November 26, 2012 – Blog Talk Radio

2:30pm CT/3:30pm ET to 3:00pm CT/4:00pm ET

HC= Heather Chase

LS= Lee Stranahan


HC: That’s what’s concerning to me, because now he’s [Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor] involving my family, which is what I said was my concern from the beginning.

LS: And he says in the phone call that he’s going to post pictures of your family…

HC: Yes.

LS: Right?

HC: Right. Now I imagine that the pictures that he’s posting are the same ones that I made public in my statements which include: pictures of my father, my brothers, my mother, and now he wants to smear them and include them when they have nothing to do with it– and that’s very frightening to me….

HC: This is about a man who has repeatedly, viciously, attacked me, threatened me, talked about my family, done crazy things, crazy things that no person in their right mind could look at or listen to and think that, you know, it’s right or acceptable to me. And yet, this is now becoming a political issue because of where it is, which is why these people can get away with it, because everybody takes sides– just to make excuses– tries to use it for political gain….

HC: This is an unstable person, who is doing things that are wrong. And it doesn’t matter what political side they identify with, or who they’re attacking– where they are politically. It’s just, there’s a wrongness here that’s very clear-cut. And people don’t need to be confused by the politics. That only digs people in deeper and makes politics more complicated….

More to come tomorrow.

–Becca Lower

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