Hey, President Obama! Where’s My Drew Carey?

At his The Other McCain blog today, R. Stacy McCain called President Obama’s press conference “a masterpiece of mendacity, a Mardi Gras parade of deliberate dishonesty,” which “liberals are still trying to catch their breath [from] after the excitement of it all.”

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But not everyone — on the left or the right– felt so breathless.

When President Obama took the podium at the White House, not only did he interrupt your regularly-scheduled cable news programming, but he also crashed on the wheel-spinning, price-guessing party that is The Price Is Right. Suffice it to say, some of the show’s viewers were not pleased

Visit the link to read their outraged (and unintentionally funny) tweets, with more tweets at their H/T.

(Hat tip Memeorandum)

How delicious is it to see the very low information voters that Obama depended on to get elected turning on him? Don’t mess with The Price is Right! The soaps? Oh, you can pre-emt those. If most of these tweets are serious, then maybe we aren’t giving the liberals’ voters enough credit. They seem to get that slogging through another one of these “events”, with the president go on and on blaming everyone but himself (after showing up late, as usual) is truly a waste of everyone’s time. Even if all you were going to do with your time was watch Drew Carey and some pretty models give away fabulous prizes.

Hope you enjoyed the tweets, since tomorrow we have this to look forward to.

EDIT: Welcome, The Other McCain readers!

-Becca Lower

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