‘If You’re So Concerned about Your Safety, Don’t Come to Maryland’

Partway through my telephone interview with Aaron Walker, he explained that the noise I was hearing in the background was his wife was checking under their car for a bomb. With a mirror.

This has become a part of daily life for Walker, a Commonwealth of Virginia attorney whose family has been targeted for more than a year by convicted “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin. Another change to his routine is seeking help from the Maryland courts to stop harassment by Kimberlin associate Bill Schmalfeldt. During two recent hearings, Walker’s wife, sitting in their car nearby the courthouse, was stalked by Kimberlin. [That link includes photos relating to the stalking, and a link to Walker’s blog about the incidents.]

Consider also the fact that Kimberlin himself wrote VA police agencies and the FBI [Exhibit E] that

[t]he reason Mr. Walker’s life might be in danger is that he has been identified in a civil case in Maryland, Kimberlin -vs- Allen….Therefore, there exists a real possibility that Mr. Walker could be subjected to serious harm or death now that his identity has been exposed….

He was referring to the ways that he attempted to ‘out’ Walker, who was writing under the pseudonym Aaron Worthing on his blog Allergic to Bull. Kimberlin tried these three things:

1.  Filing a motion to withdraw.

2. When Walker sought to keep his identity under seal, Kimberlin tried several schemes to get the information outed. He included both Walker’s real name and pseudonym on a filing, which in Maryland meant this was open and viewable by the general public on the internet.

3. Kimberlin then filed an opposition to Walker’s motion to keep his identity under seal.

So imagine Walker’s reaction, while discussing Kimberlin’s bizarre behavior with a Maryland official, when he heard this:

“If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”

Who said that? Assistant State’s Attorney Jim Brewer.

“[Brewer] came in dead-set against me,” Walker says. “He had conclusions he couldn’t have gotten from my file. He said, ‘This is politics.’ I replied, ‘A threat is not a matter of politics.'”

Walker also reminded Brewer of a Maryland statute which says it doesn’t matter what the content of the harassment is, it’s a matter of contact. “The statute wasn’t really about whether my life was in danger,” Walker told me. “I think Kimberlin wanted to put me in fear.”

Brewer’s reply? “Stay off the internet if you don’t want to be harassed.”

Walker adds, ” I’ve been nice to a lot of these [Assistant] State’s Attorneys. [But] this guy’s behavior is outrageous. If I found out that one of my guys was saying things like this [and I were the State’s Attorney], it would be a firing offense.”

Another person who’s been attacked by Kimberlin allies is Breitbart News writer Lee Stranahan. His case against Schmalfeldt was dismissed at a March 22 hearing– a hearing which Stranahan was not notified had been moved:

 According the victim’s rights brochures published by the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention, complainants have the right to be notified of court hearings and to be notified of the closing of a case. Lee Stranahan was not notified that the hearing scheduled for 30 April had been moved to 22 March.

This in spite of the fact that Stranahan had an appointment with the State’s Attorney’s office scheduled for Monday, and had called them to check on his case.

Check back for an update on this story in the coming days…

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UPDATE: Watch video of Lee Stranahan confronting a Kimberlin ally at this year’s CPAC.

UPDATE: I needed to fix the quote from Kimberlin’s letter. It has been corrected.

FINAL UPDATE (I swear): Please visit Hogewash! for details on how you can participate in the upcoming Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day on April 8! And you’re welcome, Aaron. Getting linkage from Allergic to Bull is an honor!

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