“I’ll Be Reporting on All of You Scammers Tomorrow….”

One of the more bizarre interactions I’ve ever had online happened tonight. It stemmed from my earlier blog post.

No answer for about 5 minutes.

As anyone can see, there’s photographic and video evidence that Zilla was indeed ill and in the hospital last October.

(Hat tip R. Stacy McCain for the Da Tech Guy link)

-Becca Lower


“I’ll Be Reporting on All of You Scammers Tomorrow….” — 2 Comments

  1. Mike Stack is either gullible and intellectually lazy, or he is a malicious liar. Either way, he can go to hell. I’ve never even lived in NJ, and my name ain’t “Lori”, and it never has been. Stupid people have been accusing me of not being me for about a year now – I have had my blog since August of 2010 and never hid my real name, so it is bizarre that I have been accused of being so many different people when there is a huge electronic “paper trail” showing what I was doing and when for so very long, and I can easily refer anyone interested to people who have known me my entire life. I have provided all of my private personal identifying information to several respected bloggers so they could vet me in addition to people having met me in person or spoken to me on the phone 9on my NEW YORK home phone #). Mike Stack owes me a huge apology, but since I never did anything to him before he so stupidly decided to attack me and spread vicious LIES about me, Mike Stack can go straight to hell for all i care.
    Thank you for standing up for me, Becca! Mike Stack is a moron.

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