John Kerry: International Man of Mystery?

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Obama names well-traveled yacht owner John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton:

 But in the current Chicago White House, Kerry is perhaps best-known as the useful candidate who provided the Democratic National Convention stage for an unknown Illinois pol named Barack Hussein Obama to make his maiden speech to a national television audience that set him on a path to the U.S. Senate, where he served briefly while running for the next job.


Notice something at IBD? Mr. Malcolm used less than a page to say what he needed to, and to say it well. But the transcript of Obama’s speech nominating Kerry takes up the remainder of that page, then three additional pages.

Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post:

[Hillary Clinton] is going to be replaced most likely by this profile in courage. “During [Thursday’s] Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Benghazi, committee chairman (and likely successor to Hillary Clinton) John Kerry got to the bottom of the State Department’s failings in events surrounding the Benghazi attacks. ‘Mistakes were made,’ he said, and ‘things have to be done differently.’ What a relief it is that we’re sending this brave man to clean things up down at Foggy Bottom!

We can be relieved that things are covered there, but what about Kerry’s Senate seat? While it’s unlikely that he’ll be contending in next summer’s Massachusetts special election, the possibility that actor Ben Affleck might is fodder for the outlets where Rush Limbaugh’s “low-information voters” get their minimal news content. Fellow Face the Nation guest Tim Scott, South Carolina’s new Senator-designate, gets to share a green room with Affleck this Sunday. Bet he’s thrilled by the prospect.

But back to our Secretary of State-designate. A 2004 article in French newspaper Liberation “was headlined, ‘John Kerry, too Frenchy for the Republicans.’ It catalogued insults by allies of President Bush and said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has started speeches with: “Good afternoon, or as John Kerry might say, ‘Bonjour.’ ”

The USA Today piece continues:

Kerry speaks fluent French — a skill that helped pave the way to his second marriage.

He and Teresa Heinz both attended the Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro and were seated at the same table. They struck up a conversation in French, [Kerry cousin Brice] Lalonde said, “And voila!”

Be sure to browse through The Lonely Conservative’s plethora of links on Kerry.

John Perasso writes at FrontPageMag:

Obama said the Senator will not “need a lot of on-the-job training.” He then praised Mr. Kerry’s combat service in the Vietnam War and his subsequent tenure of service in the Senate, where Kerry has been intimately involved in “every major foreign policy debate for the past 30 years.”

Notably, President Obama made no mention of what occurred after Kerry’s military service and before his political career. Perhaps this is because what Kerry did during that time would be difficult even for an adroit wordsmith like Obama to summarize with just a pithy phrase or two of adulation.

The historical record informs us that not only has John Kerry been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue for most of his adult life, including Iraq, Nicaragua and most recently in Syria, but he has routinely engaged in deception to conceal his folly. What’s worse, Kerry has a clear record of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies, all the while never missing an opportunity to viciously trash our brave forces fighting against them.

Read the whole thing.

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