Kyl: John Kerry “Well-Positioned” For Secretary of State Position

Isn’t Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) nice to speak up for the good senator from the Bay State in his quest for our nation’s top diplomatic position?

“I’d rather have John Kerry. I think he’s well-positioned. He’s experienced. I think he’d take the job and he’s not tainted with the kind of things that I think would be a problem for Ambassador Rice.”

Maybe I shouldn’t be too critical. The other name being floated for Secretary of State is the unmitigated disaster known as Susan Rice. As others have more eloquently said, which is worse?

But here’s yesterday’s best reaction to the Kerry suggestion. The half-joking headline: ‘His only qualification to oversee the navy is that he’s a windsurfer’.

Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters today delivered a mind-blowing, almost sonnet-like criticism of Sen. John Kerry (R-Mass.), who is reportedly being considered for Secretary of Defense under President Obama. The Washington Post reported today, however, that Kerry is hoping to be selected as Secretary of State.

“He’d do a lot less damage [as Secretary of State] because it’s a hot-air position,” Peters said. As for Kerry potentially filling in as Secretary of Defense, Peters went nuclear.

See, you’ve got to read the whole thing..

And for the many, other things that you need to know (but didn’t know you needed to know)… there’s Wombat-socho and Live at Five at The Other McCain.

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