Moonbats And the Media

When blogger extraordinaire Robert Stacy McCain says he “watches MSNBC so that you don’t have to”, that’s not just idle talk. He isn’t trying to be cute, nor is it strictly showmanship (okay, maybe a little bit of the latter.This is The Other McCain we’re talkin’ about!) But in the brief amount of time that I’ve seen him at work, he can often be found watching a tv somewhere that’s tuned to MSNBC.

When NBC divorced itself from the cable news channel’s web presence last July, someone wrote this at Red State:

Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap…. MSNBC or NBCNews is such straight-from-Obama’s White House talking points all the time that it’s actually must viewing for opposition research….

Who can forget when NBC doctored audio to make George Zimmerman sound like a racist? Or the non-coverage of Fast & Furious? Or when Rachel Maddow told everyone that Fast & Furious was just a Fox News story with no real meaning, never mentioning Obama’s executive privilege, an attorney general lying under oath, or even the names of the dead bodies in the scandal.

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The point about Maddow is significant. Since yesterday, the Left-wing blogosphere has been wailing about the possibility that conservatives were responsible for what happened with the AFP tent, and for the vicious and unprovoked attack on conservative comedian Steven Crowder. For a non-entity like Empty Wheel blog to spout these kinds of lies is one thing, but they were swiftly given credence at MSNBC.

Conservative media have been circulating a video which appears to shows union members tearing down a tent owned by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which is linked to the Koch Brothers. Video of the tent’s collapse was first posted on YouTube by Lee Stranahan of, who claimed that a “violent mob” of union members—some of them armed with knives—had torn down the tent while people were still inside. The video was picked up by The Daily Caller,The Washington Times,and The National Review.

Of course, when the writer mentions that AFP is “linked” to the Koch Brothers, it’s not to impart information. It’s to connote shady, criminal connections. [Full disclosure: I’ve done work with AFP.] Those dirty, horrible, no-good rich Koch Brothers are up to dirty tricks, and we’re here to save you from them. Something like that. The scare quotes around violent mobs is a nice touch, too. I guess in their world, sucker-punching conservative activists like Crowder doesn’t count as violence. And telling someone that you’ve shot twenty people must be the usual small-talk at the IBEW Christmas luncheon.

If you want to read about the mysterious man in the NRA hat, by all means continue reading. Does it surprise you that the union member making this claim got an interview on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, too?

But why would people act this way?

In his June 2011 interview with the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson, the late, lamented Andrew Breitbart explains how he first became aware of the Democrat-Media Complex [emphasis mine]:

Well it’s the Matrix. I mean it really– for me it was. If you have ever been to Coney Island and you see these holograms where there is a picture of the Empire State Building and you are supposed to squint, you squint and you squint and you cannot see it, but eventually you see the Eiffel Tower. And you are like, and then once you see the Eiffel Tower you can’t not see the Eiffel Tower.

Through every day, Rush Limbaugh analyzing the source material of the world, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC he was able to create for me a very vivid picture that the people who were allegedly objective and neutral reporters and journalists were the front line of the political battle. And they used their objectivity as their greatest weapon because they were telling young, impressionable people like me who believed in Woodward and Bernstein and who believed in Walter Cronkite, wait a second, you are telling me that perhaps ideology played a role in how they interpreted stories or how they chose one story over the other.

And so then the Matrix or the Democrat-Media Complex became everything to me. In fact, when discussing politics I always turn it back to the complex. It is always about seeing the world and hoping that people see the Eiffel Tower.

(Hat tip Scott Johnson at Powerline for the transcript)

EDIT.1: Video of Steven Crowder on Hannity, via The Right Scoop.

EDIT.2: Further reporting about The Ed Show connection at

EDIT.3: Michigan Union Supporter Claims AFP Destroyed Own Tents – YouTube

(Hat tip Tom Reynolds)

– Becca Lower



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