NCAA #FGCU Coach’s Hot Supermodel Wife

NCAA Tourney Rule 5!

Amanda and Andy Enfield (and family)

Amanda and Andy Enfield (and family)

H/T NewsOK

UPDATE: Four photos of Amanda Enfield (professional name: Marcum) with less clothing [NSFW]
H/T Rick Bulow

Amanda’s atttending FGCU-Georgetown game tonight, so expect an update with a photo of her there, too!

UPDATE: Linkage from the Daley Gator and The Camp of the Saints much appreciated!

EvilBloggerLady gives us more pictures of Mrs. Enfield. And asks an intriguing question that includes the above family photo, too (it skewers feminists!). You rock, EBL!

UPDATE: A week wouldn’t be complete without linkagery from The Other McCain’s brilliant Wombat-soco and Rule 5. TY!


NCAA #FGCU Coach’s Hot Supermodel Wife — 4 Comments

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