Neal Rauhauser’s “Higher Agenda”

It’s starting to look like panic is setting in. Good.


Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.

- Sir Walter Scott

More Transcript Excerpts from Lee Stranahan’s conversation on Monday with Heather Chase:

Monday, November 26, 2012 – “Radio Stranahan”, Blog Talk Radio

2:30pm CT/3:30pm ET to 3:00pm CT/4:00pm ET

HC= Heather Chase

LS= Lee Stranahan


[The “Radio Stranahan” intro plays. It includes a clip of Michele Bachmann.]

LS: Hey Heather, how are you doing?

HC: Hi.

LS: Hi. Heather, did you ever think you’d be on a show that Michele Bachmann had done an intro for– even against her will?

HC: Yeah, that’s not good. (laughter) Not helpful really. This isn’t about politics for me at all.

LS: No, it’s not about politics, it’s the show opening. That’s why…that’s the 2 o’clock show opening, we were supposed to be on at 2. So there you go. But anyway, Michele Bachmann, she has a lot of foster kids. Think of it that way: she’s a good foster mom.

HC: Alright. That’s good.

LS: Yeah. So Heather is on because it’s been a hectic morning, I would say. It’s been a hectic weekend. Heather and I did a show late at night, a few days ago, and, uh, talking about this foolishness that’s going on. When I say ‘foolishness’, I don’t mean it’s like, like ‘frolicking’ – fun foolishness. This is horrible. Isn’t it, Heather?

HC: It’s one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me, yeah.

LS: Yeah, yeah, it’s really bad. And, I, you know I have a family, Heather’s got a family,  and this isn’t about politics. It really isn’t. I mean, Heather said that at the beginning, it’s really true: this is about crazy, criminal people and that happen to be involved in politics. But if they’d happened to be involved in, I don’t know, ice cream custard-making businesses, then that would be nice, then Heather and I wouldn’t have had to deal with this.

So, let’s talk about what’s been happening. So, after you and I did talk the other night, you got a threatening– [aside] And if you don’t know any of the players, by the way, if you’re listening this is not the time to catch up. So we’ll do this, and then on a blog it’ll link to explain who some of these people are. [/aside]

But we talked about your experiences with this Jason Wade Taylor person, and you got threatened by him after the show, right?

HC: Yeah, he sent me a text message saying, You will pay for this dearly.

LS: Yeah, and how did that make you feel?

HC: Well, the first thing I did was call up my family to warn them and the second thing I did was call the police.

LS: And so you, we’re not going to get into details about what either you or I have done with the police on this but we’re not milking this for publicity, let’s put it like that. This is, there are authorities involved. That would be fair to say, correct?

HC: I have done my best to use the proper channels, yes.

LS: Yeah. Now then, this morning you got a call from Randy…

HC: Yes.

LS: And did you pick up that call?

HC: No, I didn’t.

LS: Okay–

HC: I have no desire to talk to him, at all, which I told him in the text message I sent him: Do not ever contact me again.

LS: Okay. So I, I , he called me a few minutes after he called you. For whatever reason, he called me and he threatened me. You’ve heard that call. Do you have, is there any doubt in your mind that’s Randy?

HC: No. That’s definitely him.

LS: Right, and the fact is that he had just called you from a number that he’s used to call [me]– I have the number. We’ll talk about why that’s important, why anyone would possibly doubt that that’s Randy . Then, about an hour or so after that, I got another call from Randy and I talked to him for about 40 minutes. And I kept him talking. He was obviously drunk, he started off with the threats. Anyone who possibly doubts that that first call was Randy– which, by the way, let me just talk about that.

Shoq, Matt Edelstein, who’s a person you know, right?

HC: Yes.

LS: So Shoq has been up there saying that he doesn’t think that it’s Randy, right?

HC: That’s correct.

LS: Yeah, he’s been up there publicly saying it. And you also got a text message this morning saying [unintelligible]. Do you want to talk about that?

HC: I’m sorry, what did you say?

LS: Well you also had a text message from somebody else who told you that it didn’t sound like Randy.

HC: Yeah, um, Neal Rauhauser text-messaged me something similar, saying he thought it didn’t sound like Jason and he was skeptical about it. So there’s that. I’m not sure why people would listen to that call and not think it was him. It sounds exactly like him.

[Unintelligible portion from LS, with HC telling him she can’t hear him and she’s going to hang up and try calling him on her other line]

LS: And it’s very, now it’s very dramatic: I ask her the Neal Rauhauser question then she goes away… very dramatic. I’m sure she’ll be back in just a second. In the meantime– oh, there we go.

HC: How’s that?

LS: Hi, Heather.

HC: I couldn’t hear anything you were saying.

LS: Is that better?

HC: Yeah.

LS: Okay, you sound much better, too. Okay, so how long have you– Neal Rauhauser texted you and he’s a person who people have been following. I’ve written about the Brett Kimberlin story, Neal’s a guy that’s associated with Brett. Is Neal a guy you’re close to, someone you’ve known a long time?

HC: No.

LS: Okay, so– before you talk about this, you’re kind of reticent to talk about the Neal Rauhauser thing, right?

HC: Yes, I am.

LS: Why is that?

HC: Well, a lot of that is crazy and seems to be involved in a lot of political bickering, and possibly criminal stuff. But I don’t think that it’s directly related to Randy, except that now it seems that things are getting weird for this, too.

LS: Yeah. And you– so, let’s talk about that: how did you end up in a position where Neal Rauhauser was texting with you? What happened there?

HC: Well last week I heard that Matt Osborne was interested in calming things down between people that have been having conflict with that group, which includes me and some of the other women who have been arguing and having a lot of trouble with Shoq because of some of his behavior. So I reached out to him, because I agree that we shouldn’t be having this sort of thing happening so we can all move on. Particularly because to me, the important thing here is this man, Jason, who’s been incredibly destructive. So I wrote to him–

LS: When you say ‘him’, you mean Matt Osborne…

HC: I mean Matt Osborne, right. And I spoke to him. I also had talked to Becca, another person who is a part of the story– before she did that crazy show with Randy, I mean. And both of them, as well as Karoli had seemed to think that Neal was, you know, not as bad as he’d been made out to be. And at any event I didn’t want to talk to Shoq directly about any information he might have about Jason, because I understand– I’m sorry, what?

LS: Who said to you that Neal’s not as bad as he’s made out to be?

HC: Becca had said something to that effect, and so had Matt Osborne.

LS: Right, okay.

HC And so I thought, well alright, whatever, you know, the point is that they had information. At least I had been told that they had information regarding Jason and other threats that he’s made, police reports that they’ve filed, and I was hoping that in exchange for me, you know, being quiet about my criticisms about them, that I could get them to cooperate about helping me about Jason. Because that’s what’s more important to me than the political bickering that’s going on, because my life is of more concern to me than my politics. So that is how that all started. And I was under the impression that they were going to be helpful. I don’t actually know if they have been, but I do know that a phone call was made by Neal to the investigating officer and that officer–

LS: Well, Neal just did a blog post. You say you’re not sure if he’s been helpful, Neal just did a blog post saying it was Brandon Darby who called and threatened me.

HC: No, what I mean to say by ‘helpful’, I don’t know if other people who had police report numbers actually called to talk to the investigator assigned to my case or not.

LS: Was Neal Rauhauser helpful at all?

HC: No, at least not according to the investigator who said that he spoke to Neal, that Neal sounded weird and was talking about a lot of other things that had nothing to do with this case. And so I contacted Matt Osborne, after I got back with my meeting with the investigator and asked him about it. And I was told that he had a higher agenda, I was told that the feds would be brought in on this. I have no idea if any of that is true. I have not been contacted by anybody like that. I’ve just been working with my investigator and my local police about this. So when I got the text–

LS: Do you–

HC: –about how they thought that that wasn’t really Jason, I became very confused and alarmed about what’s going on here. Because that was not helpful, in fact that was actively not helpful.

LS: Do you regret dealing with Neal Rauhauser and Matt Osborne on this at this point?

HC: I do.

LS: Why is that?

HC: Because I think that it’s complicated what should be a very straight-forward case of this man who’s acting crazy and way out of bounds, and has threatened a lot of people and caused a lot of destruction. I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to make this as easy as possible for the investigators.

LS: And do you, did you hear, were you also told that Matt Edelstein/Shoq was in the process of making up with Randy?

HC: Yes, I have been told that by a few people?

LS: Like, by who?

HC: Well, I saw it on Twitter myself and then I was told by a couple of friends, and also Neal sent me a text to that effect say that it was confusing to him, too.

LS: Right. Now I’m going to come out and say– and you can tell me if you disagree– Neal Rauhauser’s a liar, he’s a crazy, compulsive liar. Would you tend to agree with that, with what you’ve read on his blog and other places?

HC: Based on my experiences so far, yes. I think that he has, whatever the agenda is, it’s not helpful to actually to getting this particular situation solved. I don’t know why people would act like that.

LS: And because Neal’s associated with Brett Kimberlin, a serial bomber who lit off bombs after he was suspected of killing, having a woman murdered because he was molesting her granddaughter. And that’s something, by the way, Neal– when asked about it– says he doesn’t know anything about that, which is completely untrue. Neal absolutely knows about it. And then, when Neal is doing everything he can to create chaos in this whole situation, the lying specifically about it. I mean, are you surprised that he’s involved in this Randy thing?

[It’s somewhat unintelligible here, but Heather explains that she specifically sought out Matt Osborne.]

HC: I was specifically hoping that these two would be helpful. Now I can’t say that I’m surprised that they’re involved– that was my doing. Now that fact that they would help Shoq is not surprising to me either, because I’m getting in the way of here, I think, of Shoq’s reputation because he believes I’m a part of some conspiracy of feminists out to destroy him. And they simply don’t appreciate that this, I don’t care about that. I care about this Jason fellow, and all the threats and craziness he carried on with. And I want it to stop.

LS: Are you worried that you’re going to be targeted by Neal Rauhauser now?

HC: I am concerned that that could happen, yeah. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. This is crazy. None of it’s making any sense to me.


This is approximately halfway through. More to come.

Also read this post from Lee Stranahan today, about Neal Rauhauser. 

–Becca Lower

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Heather Chase, to @Stranahan: “People don’t need to be confused by the politics”



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