New British Sit-Com About… Assisted Suicide?

Jack Kevorkian, a former pathologist, dubbed as “Dr. Death” in the 1990’s for his “right-to-die” campaign, assisted in more than 130 physician-assisted suicides. Kevorkian was convicted in 1999 of second-degree murder, then paroled in 2007. He died in 2011. [Photo credit: Washington Post]

Add this to the gruesome concept of Planned Parenthood holding a “Black Friday” sale:

via WND:

The BBC, which has advocated legalization of assisted suicide and last year televised a controversial documentary on the subject, is taking the issue to a new level with a sitcom focusing on the practice.

According to a report from the U.K.’s Christian Institute, the “plot involves a group of friends who set up an assisted suicide business to help a terminally ill neighbor, and to pay off gambling debts.”

The program, described as a “controversial comedy,” will be called “Way To Go” and will air next year.

What would possibly be controversial about that? It would be innovative. Loads of laughs, you know?

On Thanksgiving night, Rick Bulow and I co-hosted a special TB-TV radio program on Own the Lee Stranahan was our guest. Ostensibly, he was going to talk about his new newsletter for conservatives in the arts (browse my recent posts), but it grew into a much wider conversation. Sure, some political questions came up, questions about where the right can go from here. But what’s normally a two-hour show focused on policy and issues became a five-hour show (Lee came on in Hour Two), which was more about culture than politics.

Lee’s argument was persuasive: we lost on November 6 because we’ve lost a huge swath of our countrymen to the pop-cultural grip of the left. Until we can gain a foothold in people’s everyday lives, until actors and directors and writers can freely speak in their art (and elsewhere) on the issues they care about, then we’ll have to keep waging the #War that Andrew Breitbart spoke of so passionately.

Please listen to the podcast (at least part of it). And read Lee’s free newsletter.


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