Obesity? Oh, that’s not your fault, either. Blame this Bacteria!

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Less than a week to Christmas, and what’s happening? Everywhere you look, there’s someone trying to get away with something. Our Secretary of State stays out of the spotlight with various, um, maladies and our President chatters on about gun control, while three other State department officials take the fall for Benghazi. Then we have the Left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) blaming guns– and law abiding gun owners– for the horrific carnage that took place at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. So what could be more perfect than this?

Scientists link obesity to gut bacteria

Researchers in Shanghai identified a human bacteria linked with obesity, fed it to mice and compared their weight gain with rodents without the bacteria. The latter did not become obese despite being fed a high-fat diet and being prevented from exercising.

The bacterium – known as enterobacter – encourages the body to make and store fat, and prevents it from being used, by deregulating the body’s metabolism-controlling genes.

“This is a very important phenomenon,” said Professor Zhao Liping, who with a team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University carried out the research. “It is the last missing piece of evidence bacteria causes obesity.”

It’s hard to say if this is the “magic pill” that people have hoped for forever. Just as likely, it’s another chance for people to duck personal responsibility. (I will also admit that it’s a tantalizing possibility, since I’m not exactly model-thin).

If you’re a regular reader of R. Stacy McCain’s blog, then you’ve heard the story of the Rhode Island U. assistant history professor who recently sent vicious, obscene tweets about the NRA and its CEO. Not only did Erik Loomis delete his missives then his entire Twitter account, but he attempted to shift blame to those pointing out his actions. As Zilla of the Resistance says in the comments:
“Accuse the accusers! Leftism is a mental disorder.”

Of course, on a different scale, when you’re talking about people like Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and others who hide from their own misdeeds– you know, bombings, SWATtings, monetary damages in civil court cases… well, that’s a different story. Speaking of that: there was word yesterday about the culprit in some recent celebrity SWATtings getting caught by Southern California authorities. Since he’s a minor, even this situation will likely not be punished harshly (if at all). The Lonely Conservative notes:

Popular bloggers without the name recognition of guys like Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher are still waiting.

Indeed they are. Read the whole thing.

EDIT.1: A special thanks to The Lonely Conservative for her linkback!

-Becca Lower


Obesity? Oh, that’s not your fault, either. Blame this Bacteria! — 2 Comments

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