“Our culture is the most important front….”: #Breitbart inspires free, artist newsletter UPDATE: Free E-book!

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November 15 marked the debut of Lee Stranahan‘s free “New Newsletter For Right Arts, Artists & Audiences”. I happened to see this tweet:

The venture’s “soft open” appears to have happened that night (before I signed up). My first email newsletter arrived on the 16th.

Just a taste:

What are the two necessary steps to artistic success?

If you want to succeed commercially and creatively, you must do both of these:

1) Start projects.
2) Finish them.

It’s that simple, which is to say – it’s so difficult most people will never do either one.
And successful artists have almost always struggled mightily with one or both steps at points in their career.
Doing those two steps isn’t a guarantee of success. There are no guarantees. But you have to do them both, over and over.
Now you know.

Although some people might remember the rally speeches or the #War against the Left’s media complex, I was late to hearing what Andrew Breitbart was about. A 30-minute interview that he did in ’09 at the Hoover Institution (here’s a brief clip), opened my eyes to the possibility that there was a place for conservatives at the creative table. Watch the whole thing here.

Then sign up for the newsletter! It’s free!

EDIT.1: Thanks to Rick’s Rants for the link love!

EDIT.2: If you hurry, Stranahan’s nifty Thanksgiving gift is still available for download: edited versions of the newsletters to date, along with new material from his upcoming book Permission To Quit, have been bundled into one, FREE e-book. There’s even an introduction about Andrew Breitbart.
PDF version : http://stran-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/CreativeConservativeCompilation.pdf

Kindle .mobi : http://stran-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/CreativeConservativeCompilation.mobi

ePUB : http://stran-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/CreativeConservativeCompilation.epub

I hear that the newsletters resume tonight, so hurry and sign up!

–Becca Lower

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