What Happened to Neal Rauhauser’s Blog?

The consequences of our crimes long survive their commission, and, like the ghosts of the murdered, forever haunt the steps of the malefactor.
-Sir Walter Scott

Several days ago, I posted transcripts from a radio interview that Lee Stranahan did with Heather Chase. As Ms. Chase explains in that interview, her only motive for speaking up is to document her experiences. It’s not about politics. However, there appear to be people who seek to politicize and use this terrible ordeal to their own ends.

One of those people is Neal Rauhauser, an associate of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin. And it’s been reported that his blog is suddenly unavailable.

On a personal note, this morning I tripped and fell (over my dog) in the hallway of my home. Nothing’s broken, but it’s left me in a bruised and banged up state. While I go rest (leaving this a shorter blog than I would have liked to), you need to head over to The Other McCain for further developments.

EDIT.1: The link love is appreciated! Welcome, The Other McCain readers.

–Becca Lower



What Happened to Neal Rauhauser’s Blog? — 2 Comments

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