Zilla Needs Our Help– NOW

Forget the debt ceiling, or the prospect of Chuck Hagel as DefSec. Here’s your real national emergency:

Today I woke with plans to do a Part II to the 2nd Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere because I had a lot of tech problems yesterday that made it impossible to edit or update the post and not only can I not do proper thanky linkbacks there without losing all the codes and formatting, in my frustration over said tech trouble I ended up publishing the post before I was able to include everyone who I wanted to include, people who I had thought were in the post but who turned out not to be, making me feel awful for the screwup. The plan is to do a Part II post to thank people who linked to me and to honor some great bloggers who I inadvertently omitted from the Part I post.

It says something that Zilla’s worried about a few hurt feeling in the blogger community… when she has no heat!:

It snowed again last night and the cold snap we’ve been in since before Christmas has not ended, so the house was cold and I turned on the heat while I had some coffee and waited for the house to warm up. The house did not warm up. I went down to basement to check the furnace, and to my horror, I learned that we are out of heating oil and it could not come at a worse time! Our electric bill is due this week and we were already trying to scramble to get that covered, I am still buried in medical expenses and more pile up with each new doctor visit, round of medications, and supplements to try to fix me, and hubby’s paycheck is now smaller….

As R. Stacy McCain noted yesterday (via his Twitter bestie Alyssa Milano), “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Help Zilla!

Also: Remember, Amusing Bunni continues to need prayers and support.

-Becca Lower


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